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“Allow me to take your order, master.” A shy look on his face brought me to a smile. I couldn’t bear the thought of having him repeatedly use this noun, calling me his master and being forced to keep this up until I left elsewhere. But Karma made this his job, and I was willing to make it harder than it already was. “Recommend me something”, I said, still smiling while watching deep into the eyes of Karma, which told nothing but awkwardness. I licked over my lips while waiting for his answer, that’d of course include something very particular. “The Miso soup, master. A lot of costumers liked it today.” I simply nodded to let him get the food for me, without responding anything that would make him feel even more uncomfortable. I had something in mind for this meeting, and the worst part was just about to come.
When Karma arrived at my table I quickly looked up to him. I wasn’t about to let him go an further, since I didn’t come here to watch him work like the little slave he was. His boss was a total douche, his mates were too ugly to be shown off, and anything else was rather boring. I just smirked a little, before I took the soup bowl into my hand, right before Karma could put it on the table. With a single move, I managed to spill half of the soup over his shirt, while dropping the bowl down that just shattered to pieces as it reached the floor. “Oops”, I murmured before looking into his direction. I could see how mad he was, though I knew he wasn’t able to offend me in any way. No matter how hard he tried to get his mind together, it was so easy to see that he just couldn’t stand the fact that I was in a higher position right now. “My apologies, master. I’m just going to clean this right away.” “Sure, that’s your job”, I hissed before he left off, leaving me behind but not expecting me to follow. Though I did. I passed by some of the other maids, even the boss that I had paid before said nothing about me following Karma. And so I did, until we reached the changing rooms. He was just opening the buttons of his shirt right when I stepped in, immediately forcing me to look into his direction and pinning him right onto the wall. The golden look on his face, the pure shock that ran through his body made me smile once again. Karma had never expected such an engage, especially not when knowing how patient I was all the time. “What’s this?” I heard how heavy he was breathing even though I didn’t even start anything yet. “You pretend to be a slave to any stranger out there”, I whispered. “Rather be mine.” I opened the rest of the buttons on his shirt before getting him out of it, still putting pressure on his body to keep him on the wall. I knew how much strength he had, even though I also knew that I was stronger in any way. Physically, as much as in mind games. “Go to hell, Asano”, he just responded after some time, grabbing my hand to get rid of it. “There’s likely nothing you can do. You could scream like the little school girl you are, but I doubt anyone will care.” “You paid them all off?” I smiled and nodded, before pulling my hands down his pants and playing around with his zipper. “I wanted to buy you too… But you had nothing that was worth spending money for.” For a second I heard nothing, until Karma started laughing about the last statement I just gave. “I can show you”, he roughly said. “But you have to get your hands off of me.” I didn’t know whether to agree or disagree since this guy wasn’t to trust, but I took my hands off of him. “Turn around for a second.” A huge question mark seemed to show up in my face when Karma said that, but before I was able to deny it, he turned our positions. I, facing the wall before not being able to see anything at all just a couple of second afterwards. “I don’t like being a slave, especially not to you”, I heard him whispering in my ear while his hands stroked my back. “But I can assure, you’ll like this better. My name’s not Karma just for the funsies.” I just smiled over his words and let him do his work. Just like he began kissing my neck, licking with his tongue while going straight up to my ear again, to whisper a couple more words. “I’m your master now for a while. And you?” I didn’t intend to respond, but signalized that I’ve heard it. That I indeed was going to accept it. “You’re my bitch now, Asano. Only mine.”
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